40 Days Elul Practice: Mussar Mindfulness, Day 9 of Elul

Join us for day 9 of Elul during our 40 Days Elul Practice of Mussar Mindfulness with Rabbi Chasya, Founding Director of The Institute for Holiness: Kehilat Mussar. We livestream daily from Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn at 8:30pm Jerusalem Time for 30 minutes of a short teaching and guided meditation practice with silent meditation also. One can also join us on Zoom at:


Meeting ID: 824 095 1453

Passcode: Mussar613!

Be in touch with us at kehilatmussar@gmail.com with questions, or if you would like to provide a sponsorship or a donation for any day’s sitting.

These are the texts used during the Live teaching and meditation:

Honor, respect, dignity, and love are due to each and every human being, not because of the greatness of their achievements, but because they are home to a soul that is inherently holy. Nobody created his or her own soul; everyone has been gifted with a rarefied essence. 

Rabbi of Volozhin (1749-1821), a forerunner of the Mussar movement, who explains that one should honor all people simply because they are the handiwork of God (Ruach Chaim on Pirkei Avot).

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