Belonging Through Mindfulness

An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Rabbi Chasya is delighted to share with you a new 4 week introduction course & a one day mini retreat
Do you feel uncomfortable or odd in a Buddhist setting or a Sangha, but still want to learn mindfulness and practice meditation?

Do you want to learn about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation but have not or do not feel that you belong where or how it is taught?

This short introduction to mindfulness meditation was the brain-child of Founder & Director of The Institute for Holiness: Kehilat Mussar, Rabbi Chasya Uriel Steinbauer, who has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 1996, mostly in Buddhist settings, and never felt that she belonged 100% as a Jew, as a religious person, as a Rabbi, etc.

Whatever it may be for you, Rabbi Chasya is creating this safe space to come and be accepted as you are, to delve into this introduction to mindfulness meditation. The class is secular and will not be religious in content or nature. It may be experienced as spiritual…that is up to you. 😉

The goal is fostering connection and community, and imparting the wisdom and skills to be able to continue with your own personal practice, and continue practicing with Rabbi Chasya and The Institute. The Institute for Holiness offers three tracks for your learning and practice after this short introductory course: Mussar; Mussar Mindfulness; and Mindfulness Meditation.

Rabbi Chasya is being certified as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with master-teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield through The Awareness Training Institute & the Greater Good Science Center at the UC Berkeley, California, and is offering this course for Institute members as part of her required practicum in the certification process. 

As participants in this short course & mini retreat, you will help certify Rabbi Chasya in the training. Rabbi Chasya is excited to bring 26 years of practice and learning to our beloved Institute, and to finally be certified in this expertise in January 2023. Help us excel in what we offer at The Institute for Holiness: Kehilat Mussar.
All The Information Needed:
4 Sundays in July, for one hour and fifteen minutes
Two time options offered: 10:15am-11:30am EST OR 5pm-6:15pm EST
One all-day mini-retreat in August from 10am-5pm EST.
Live on Zoom in the comfort of your home or office; link to be sent after registration and payment.
Scholarship & Sustainer Rates of $75.00 and $150.00 for all 5 weeks. Pay what you can and no one turned away for financial reasons.
July 10, 17, 24, 31, and August 7.
Bring water, tissue, a journal with writing utensil and create a quiet, comfortable place on a meditation cushion or in a chair, if sitting is preferable.

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