Kehilat Mussar Receives Grant!

Press Release

Israel – Addressing the urgent need for Hesed (Generous Sustaining Benevolence) in our communities, The Institute for Holiness: קהילת מוסר – Kehilat Mussar has received a $1000 microgrant from Mechon Hadar (Hadar) (Jim Joseph Foundation).

The grant will support Kehilat Mussar’s programs and priorities to empower and engage Jewish communities in the learning and practice of Mussar Mindfulness.

Mechon Hadar privileged Kehilat Mussar because it embodied the urgent need for Hesed in our communities during COVID and demonstrated flexibility to the constraints of a COVID environment by providing virtual programming and small pod groups.

This grant will help Kehilat Mussar to increase the number of participants in its programs and to expand its service in Jewish communities in English- and French-speaking communities and in Israel.

Support Kehilat Mussar in raising an additional investment of $1000 matching funds. Donations should be sent to:

Venmo: @Rabbi_Chasya_of_Kehilat_Mussar
Paypal: @CSteinbauer
BIT: 058-4026395 (הרבה חסיה אוריאל שטיינבאואר)
PayBox: הרבה חסיה אוריאל שטיינבאואר של קהילת מוסר

Join us on Tuesday May 25, 2021, 1-1:30 in conversation with Mechon Hadar: ZOOM Link:…

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